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KOCHI #2 - Kure, don't miss this historical fishing town and Katsuo!

Hi there!

After I spent a couple of great time and hospitality from my friends in the little cozy village called INO, headed to south west part of Kochi. On the way, we visited a KURE, a fishing town that is known as a base for the pole-and-line fishing of bonito. Bonito is one of the most famous fish in Kochi. We say it Kattsuo in Japanese. Roasted Katsuo is just amazing. Crisp surface, and the inside is low and very soft. This way of cooking is called as Tataki. Katsuo and Takaki, the most important 2 words you should say when you visit to Kochi!

Anyway, it is said people started fishing bonito there for 700 years ago at Kure! And, It is Japan’s first fishing town to be designated by the national government as a cultural property to maintain the important cultural landscape.

There is very down-to-earth exciting little path... the fish market street called as Taisho Ichiba.

You can choice fish in front of the restaurant and they cook whatever you want. Yes, it is a challenging for tourists especially from foreigners, but you should try. People are so nice and friendly even language communication is a little.

KURE, the fishing market, with colorful flags

Bonito!  Sashimi (low) the above and Tataki at the botoom

One note that you would be interested in Kure. There is a Sake brewery called Nishioka Shuzo that is the oldest brewery in Kure district. Water to produce their sake comes from natural spring water from undergrounds and also the headwater of the Shimanto River.

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