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Shimane #1 - Izumo, the most ancient and spiritual place

I will take you to Shimane Prefecture this time.

Shimane is located in the west part of Japan. The area is 6,705㎢ (the 18th size in Japan) and population is approximately 690,000 which is the 46th among 47 prefectures in Japan! Rich source of nature with mountains, rivers, forests and fields. It is very wide long terrain from west to east facing to the Japan sea. This time I went to the east part; Izumo, Yasugi and Matsue.

The red part is Shimane facing to the Japan sea.

Have you ever heard of IZUMO Taisha? Izumo Taisha is one of the most ancient and important Shinto shrine in Japan. No record gives the date of establishment. There are various views of its establishment, one of them is described in the Kojiki, the most ancient Japanese history record written in the early 8th century (1,300 years ago!). It is designated National Treasure of Japan in 1952.

Izumo Taisha

It is believed that the gods gather at Izumo Shrine in October to discuss the coming year's marriages, deaths, and births. For this reason, people around the Izumo area call October kamiarizuki ("the month with gods"), but the rest of Japan calls October Kannazuki ("the month without gods"). Izumo Taisha is well know as ”Spiritual place" and "Gods of Marriage". Most single person, their parents, their relatives visit there to pray for good marriage. It is not only for "marriage" but couples, relationships and family ties. I had some tough time in my family while I visited there. I prayed for it. A fews days later, situations turned to normal, I mean, the family problem was dissapered. Believe or not, I thanked Gods from ancient.

Just 10 minutes drive from the Izumo Taisha, you can go to a beach called Inasa No Hama. This is amazingly beautiful beach selected the top 100 beautiful beach in Japan.

Inasa No Hama is also appeared in the Kojiki and is known as one of "power spots". Spiritual vibration is there.

I found a surfer!

There is a tiny shrine at the top of the rock. This rock is called BENTEN Jima. God is also there. So spiritual.

Then, I moved to HINO MISAKI Shrine. This is another very traditional shrine. Complex of vivid red painted architects and it is build on the hill facing to the Japan sea.

Hinomisaki Shrine is located about 8km north of Izumo Taisha Grand Shrine. The carvings of the main hall and other places are beautiful sculptures of traditional subjects such as dragons and tigers, cranes and tortoises and pines, bamboos. The vermillion-lacquered shrine is designated as a nationally important cultural property.

There is a big shrine facing the Japan sea. It is a small fish port. It was cold and rainy day when I got there though, a ray of light showed suddenly, it was unforgettable moment.

The history of Izumo is really old, more than old, it's from ancient. I can say it is like the era of Rome. Many wise people (not meaning high educated but wise as a human) lived with Gods and respected each other. It must be a sort of Paradise of mind.

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Izumo Taisha

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