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Shimane #3 Matsue

After the Tanabe museum, we walked alongside of a pretty outer moat of the Matsue Castle. Then, we found what is so called an antique shop!

I bought this pretty blue plates of Tachikichi which were produced in 50 years ago. Every flower motif was came from the Noh story the owner said.

Walking in the castle park. Nature always inspires me especially woods, so strength, silence and down to earth. And mosses. There IS a life.

Matsue Castle, nicknamed the "black castle" or "plover castle", it is one of the few remaining medieval castles in Japan. The castle has been registered as a national treasure of Japan on July 9th, 2015.

The construction was finished in 1611. After several changing in the Lord of castle, the Matsudaira clan held the castle nearly 200 years from 1685 to 1867 that is the year of "abolition of the han system" at the Meiji era. The same as other numerous historical building in Japan, this castle also facphilosophical system of harmonizing everyone with the surrounding environment.ed and experienced wars, egos of human, dramas and prosperity.

Every castle was used to be build at the right and good vibration spot by "Feng Shui" (old Chinese philosophical system of harmonizing everyone with the surrounding environment.) which means we feel something good vibration or spiritual power there. Matsue Castle also has it. Very beautiful castle, too.

View from the castle tower to the city of Matsue and the Lake Shinji. Past and then, this castle is the spiritual landmark of the people in Matsue.

Matsue Tourism offical website (Japanese only)

Visit Matsue

Matsue Castle

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